Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Author Interview: Sandra Cox

1. What are your favorite traits in a lead male character?
I want a hero. Someone that’s ready to kick ass or lay down his life for the woman he loves or the cause he believes in. He doesn’t have to be a swaggering extrovert. He can be a scholarly type like Jack Wolfe in Boji Stones, but he has to have enough inner strength to get the job done.

2. What inspires your female character to do what she does – and that attracts the male?
My female characters are independent, strong women. They aren’t looking for love, though it always finds them:) This attracts their men. The fact that they come in a great looking package of course doesn’t hurt anything. Grin.

3. What or who inspired you to start writing?
I was such a bookworm growing up. I had my nose in a book constantly. I think writing is a natural progression. After reading stories that other people created, I wanted to create my own.

4. Do you base your lead characters on people that inspire you?
They are based on my ideas of what make up an inspirational person.

5. What are your writing habits? Do you write daily?
I work full time and I write full time. When I get home from work I usually grab a diet Pepsi, something to eat and head for the computer. And I write on weekends.

6. If you’ve ever been struck by writer’s block, how did you get around it?
I try to write through it. I’m a big believer in you can redo a bad piece of writing but you can’t rewrite a blank page. :)

7. What stories or novels are on your shelf at home? Or on your hard drive?
Last Man Standing by Janet Davies. Hundred Dollar Bill by Sherry Morris. To Love a Hero by Mona Risk. Heart of the Forsaken by Angela Verdenius. Cold Turkey by Janice Bennett. And I’m a big fan of Nora Roberts. She’s an amazing storyteller.

8. What’s the first book you can remember reading that inspired you to write what you do?
There’s not one book I can name. It’s been a combination of different authors and different writing styles.

9.What is your favorite word? Why? (It’s ok, you don’t have to know why.)
Good question. Wondrous. We all need a little wonder in our lives.

10. When is your next release?
Rose Quartz, a paranormal romance, is released March 20 at cerridwenpress.com. It’s the second in my amulet series. Thanks for asking.

11. Are you currently working on any special projects you’d like to share?
I’m working on three: the 4th in my magic amulet series, the 3rd in the Cats of Catarau series and another cat fantasy.

12. The Cats of Catarau – Shardai…I’m fascinated by this title and blurb, but I have no idea what to ask about it! Not being a cat lover, I don’t think I have any real knowledge of the matter, but tell us this – romance and cats?

Shardai is a YA fantasy that can be read by people of all ages. Most of my books are based on ‘what ifs’. What if an amulet had magic power? How would a modern day woman deal with that power? What if you really could see a handsome stranger in a crystal ball?

Shardai is based on the same concept. I lost my twelve year cat to cancer. I was grieving and wanted him back desperately. Those that have lost beloved pets will understand. Those that aren’t animal lovers will probably roll their eyes. Grin. So I wrote a ‘what if’. What if a cat could journey back from the afterlife to find his caregiver?

Thanks for having me. It’s been fun.

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